Trennungsgespräche führen

Separation talks

Lecture in Würzburg
bbw und bayme


Target group

Managing directors
Project Manager
Personnel development

It's about people!

The following content could be found in the lecture:

  • Definition and procedure in the separation process
    • What phases does the process go through?
    • Who are all those affected in this process?
    • What costs are we talking about?
    • What language do we speak and how is it received?
  • The culture of separation is determined by the personal attitude of everyone. In addition, it is determined by the quality of how we deal with one another. But also, from the understanding of personal values (and much more!)
  • Only when we have clearly discussed all of this do the separation talks themselves come into play. Here we talked about general issues. In addition, we discussed topics such as when conversations become difficult. The conversation itself and the people concerned in the conversation and after the conversation.

Grey mice and hard-working bees

Mostly the focus is on high and low performers. But what about the „gray mice“ or the „hard-working bees„?

We should take them into account because they occupy about 2/3 of the workforce. AND they make the greatest contribution to the success of the company. Because mostly it’s those who are competent and persistent. In the end, they are usually the backbone of the company. Therefore, they deserve attention!

The lecture about separation talks took place at the HR management conference in Würzburg on July 23, 2009.

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