Workshop with process facilitators

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Target group

Head of Personnel ifm group
HR Department: Manager, Developer, Recruiter
Process facilitators

Process facilitators for further development in the company

This year I was able to take on the role of moderator for the annual process facilitator workshop.

Since this took place ONLINE this time due to the corona pandemic, I had the chance to show my customers this side of my skills. Thanks for that!

Process facilitator workshop in a holistic view

With the help of a holistic view, it was possible to track down unexpected corners and to gain new impetus for the further success of the K8 project. Almost unnoticed, we wandered through the various levels of values and defined the current as well as the desired situation.

In this way we integrated the necessary basic conditions and the required skills. We also discussed the effects on teamwork, i.e., the culture that is lived. Furthermore, we bravely looked at the personal attitude that it takes to be successful together. It was important to include new colleagues and to create a very sound common and new basis for everyone.
Finally, we defined the necessary measures and steps for the coming year! Who, does what, with whom, by when and who is the sponsor!

The process facilitator workshop was exhausting for everyone, with 2 hours online in each of the 3 sessions, but it was a great discussion. An all-round success!

Thank you for the intensive participation! 🙂

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