Presenting Online

online training for online presenting

Training program with 4 modules

Presenting online was the focus of a training program aimed at people who present frequently, especially online.

First, we got acquainted with the technology. In this case, it was working with MS Teams.

After everyone was familiar with the technology, we worked with a few basics and then adapted them to the „online mode“. Another challenge was that we implemented this in both online and face-to-face format.
This was a request from the participants, as they often also must provide information about products, and this has to be done online but still presence. We had a lot of fun doing this because the participants were extremely creative.

Finally, we also took care of topics such as attention spans, use of Conceptboard and the challenges of professional appearance. Here, predominantly good individual slides – short, concise, and clear language. As well as the color design, as well as the use of „bells and whistles“ 😉. So how much animation and images do we incorporate and when is it too much?!

In conclusion, we had an outstanding variance with great input and lots of group work.

Many thanks to group 1 for their first remarkable online presentations.

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