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Practitioner Part 2 the technical part with Breakout Sessions

Live session on June 5th, 2020 with zoom. Together with the Spiral Dynamics and Value Match Practitioners, the 2nd part took place after the 1st part.

The content

Because most of them had already experienced the 1st part with us, it was almost natural for the Spiral Dynamics consultants to be involved in this section as well.

We developed the concept in such a way that the participants had the opportunity to get to know breakout sessions. These are rooms that we can use for smaller groups. Incidentally, this works in almost every software.

The big advantage is that several topics or questions can be worked on in parallel. This is like face-to-face training, only online.
Each group was given a different task. They had to answer the respective question in a certain period of time. And then it we had the task of presenting the findings in the plenary.

A new experience for the participants, but everyone enjoyed it.

Within the Value Match consultants, it is about sharing information and knowledge. The participants are spread around the world. So, the webinar took place in English. Also, this time participants from Holland, Africa, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, and Singapore were represented.

Webinar mit Ursula Hesselmann
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