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Paths to success

Specialist trade day Düsseldorf


almost my entire portfolio

Target group

Managing directors
Sales manager
Personnel development

From a pure technology service provider to a service employee who supplements sales

My lecture on 09/11/2010 at the specialist trade day in Düsseldorf was in front of a large audience consisting of representatives from the catering industry.

Here a short overview

To find ways to success, there was a foray through the competitive environment of the industry. Then I presented different perspectives so that the audience was open to customer expectations and wishes. With this knowledge, it was then relatively clear what needs to be present in a service portfolio.

With a nice final picture with a „steering wheel“ the message was connected that only the directors themselves can change something. If you lead by example, you will be successful, these are your paths to success.

At the end there was nice feedback.

„Competent, with heart and mind, effective and efficient – I can only underline that. I liked your presentation very much!“

Harald Klein, klein Management-Consulting

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