official partner of Conceptboard

Official partner of Conceptboard

on my own behalf and for my clients


Applicable in conjunction with my entire portfolio

Target group

suitable for everyone in the company

Use of Conceptboard

The Conceptboard is a visual workspace where teams come together, brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects & in the process, bring documentation together in one place. (Source:

It’s super flexible and has a lot of options / features that make the trainer’s life, and therefore the user’s / client’s life, a lot easier.

I can include images, files and links. So I can also transfer the concepts I have worked out so far almost 1:1. Great!

Conceptboard in action


So I use it in purely virtual concepts, as well as in blended learning concepts or even in the presence use.

I can use it standalone, link it with TEAMS and integrate links from my cloud. Participants can work on the board at any time (depending on what I allow 😉) or just view it. We can work on it in plenary, everyone can work on it individually or we can work on it in groups combined with group rooms / breakout sessions.

Are you interested in …

  • a concept that you can then use for yourself
  • an education / training for your company, your employees or your internal trainers
  • the creation of templates
  • a training on how to use the board

… then just contact me – we will find a way!

I am happy to be an official partner of Conceptboard 🙂

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