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Discussion on the podium for the new world of work

A whole day in December in Stuttgart, we worked on the topic of the world of work. In addition, we talked about the creation of new conditions for skilled workers, motivation, trust and satisfaction. I had the unique opportunity to moderate this day.

I moderated the entire day, including the podium and my own workshop.

The circle of discussion participants

  • a representative from the demographic change research center in Frankfurt
  • Hoffnungstaler Foundation Lobetal
  • kiconn GmbH
  • m2m system GmbH
  • Rational AG

We asked ourselves the following questions:

  • Regarding our topic, what challenges have you encountered so far in your work ?
  • From your point of view, what are concrete solutions for mastering the challenges?

As a result, it came out that it needs training for users and decision makers. This makes it easier for people to work and, finally, cooperation is strengthened.

The content for the new world of work

The challenges can be summarized as follows:

We often have people who are not IT-conscious and who are afraid of managing technology. This applies to a variety of employees, from managing directors to chefs. Manufacturers and chefs are responsible for carrying out the briefing with their employees in a targeted manner. Unfortunately, very often that doesn’t happen.

One of the reasons for this is that they are not familiar with it themselves. Another reason is that they see no use in it or also have the feeling that they will soon be superfluous. This means that we are mainly talking about people’s fear of change.

Another issue is that the basic conditions for this will not be changed. So, the structures, the new processes in cooperation, the qualification and, of course, the deepest inner human being.

Ultimately, we are also talking about a generation change in this industry, which of course harbors other well-known challenges.


The article was published in the Food Service

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