New webpage 2020

New webpage 2020

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New webpage 2020 (2021 published in English)

After four years, it was time again. New technologies and requirements also demand new approaches. From the point of view of IT technology, 4 years is an eternity 🙃

What is the use for you, the new website 2020?

  • The German pages can now be found at (new), so the separation between German and English is now clearer.
  • The English pages can now be found at (new)
  • A different background color and larger font (new) was used and yet I stayed true to my basic style.
  • New content was added such as change consultant, service, systemic integral approach, and a new structure in the news (new). This should help you find your way around more easily.
  • The images and texts should load (reload) faster to spare you long waiting times. (new).
  • Since I have already received a lot of positive feedback about my page from 2016, I stuck with many of those pictures. The images you are used to, are also back because they say more than a thousand words.
  • So that you can grasp my understanding of holism, even more intensive links have been created. These should provide a good overview (new)
  • You will also receive well-listed news, which you already know and have used so far.
  • I deleted my BLOG, because this is lot of work but gets little feedback so that the work is not worth it. So, I will replace it with a VLOG (new). Hope this will fit your needs better. If not, feel free to contact me. However, some videos are with English subtitles, but I think that this is not an issue for the majority

The transformation and changes in my new website 2020 already has history. Just look at the old screenshots listed below.


website from 2013


Website from 2010


Website of 2008
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