New webpage 2016

New webpage 2016

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my customers and those,
who want to become one

New webpage 2016 - Future and change for me too 🙂

Changes determine life almost every day!
Enjoy my new homepage.

It is clearer and offers references on almost every topic. Lots of beautiful new pictures, great overviews, and a blog. Yes, I got up to a blog. Everyone has that today 😉 The new design is also about passing on the many suggestions, questions, difficulties and discussions from my training sessions and contacts with my customers for additional help. I hope you can enjoy it, too.

What’s in it for you?

  • References to topics assigned with more content (new)
  • Pictures say more than a thousand words (new) and you will find lots of pictures
  • Intensive links so that „nothing goes by the wayside“ (new)
  • Still well-listed news, you already know that
  • Finally, a blog (new) with suggestions and assistance that should help you through everyday life

The transformation and change of my homepage has history. Because it is and has been very important to me to adapt to the wishes and requirements of the new era. Be it the technology or changed content. I always find it nice to see and perceive development. This also and above all applies to personalities. Let us give ourselves the chance to continue growing and mastering the future!

What is my benefit in the new 2016 webpage?

Since I live change and change is part of my everyday life, it is also important to keep dealing with new technology.

  • I created my first homepage with a 1 & 1 construction kit
  • For the second one in 2010, I used the “contenido system”
  • In 2013 I was persuaded to use Typo3. Which in retrospect turned out to be a difficult system for a simple user. Any type pf change was only possible with additional costs from the IT technician 🙁
  • Now I’ve looked at WordPress and found that it’s great. First, it’s very flexible, and I can change a lot of design, color, etc. without consulting a technician.
    In addition, it’s also a lot cheaper than anything I previously used. Well, that’s not entirely true, now we have more work here in the office. But we are happy to do that for our customers!

New webpage

Here you can find the screenshots of the old homepages. Maybe some of you still remember them.




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