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New structure
in the compressed air segment

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Target group

Team leader

Workshop 1, as a basis for the new structure

In the first workshop, we defined the contents, tasks, and necessary competencies for the three newly defined areas and the new team leaders together with the area manager.

For the first time, it was clear to the three of them what the area manager had managed all by himself up to that point. So, he experienced a lot of appreciation and respect for it. This was a great basis for all four of us to now meet him halfway and create a stable and efficient new basis for a new department structure.

We also discussed the duties of a deputy. The associated rights and duties and the consequences that this role entails.

After two intensive half days, we then developed a concept of how the new structure should be communicated.

In any case, it was already clear that the newly structured team would be involved in a further workshop.

new structure

Workshop 2, the team spirit

In the second workshop, the focus was on the team spirit.

After a great presentation of the contents and tasks of the three areas, we started into the team discussions in the World Café. Who are we, what do we want, do we want to work together, …. And many more of these questions were then defined throughout the day.

We checked the new team spirit again and again with small games and some brief relaxations.

In a larger game, an exit game, moderated live by Ursula Hesselmann, the three areas then played „against each other“.
The aim was to find the pirates‘ treasure. Partly online partly present the participants moved through the game and had a lot of fun.

Of course, the conceptboard was also used later to find out where the team is already cooperating well and where we still need to readjust.

Two exciting days with lots of communication, laughter, and success stories.

The new structure opened up for new ways
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