My time

… is my responsibility!

How often do we hear the statement: „No time!“

But who influences our time? Who is stealing it? And why do we always run after it?

We have 24 hours a day, nothing more and nothing less!

I am responsible for my time, nobody else, I bear all the consequences myself

Your self-management must be the focus!

Depending on our value preferences, we handle the topic differently. And depending on personal attitudes and the current situation based on our experiences, we also manage our time differently. We have acquired certain habits and routines that we grow fond of.

Unfortunately, they usually hide some, if not many, time, and energy wasters.

The result is:

  • we take too little space and breaks to think about time wasters
  • we accept that we are externally controlled
  • and we fail to set priorities and sometimes say NO

So, what do you do to get a grip on your time

Now there is a lot you can do!

  • First, you must recognize and acknowledge that it is your own fault if you let minutes or even hours stolen from you.
  • Then it is about finding out exactly where and how it takes place – the theft!
  • So, you can start setting limits right away. Get these thieves out of the way and stand up for yourself!
  • Find out what you really want! Discover your own ideas and expectations of how you want to shape your life!
  • Do not set yourself unrealistic, but achievable goals!
  • Make sure that the implementation and execution also lead you to your goal!
  • Then your motivation also increases, and you are ready to show the consequences of your actions / also of NOT-actions!
  • Set priorities, balance things out and celebrate your success when you have achieved your goal! If you have not reached it, do not complain, get back on your own train and find your way!

In the end, your personal consistency will help you to create time periods and breather and thus also to stay healthy!

I wish you every success!

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