Motivation in change process​

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Learntec – 02/06/2014

Title in origin: Motivation in the change process – what pushes it and what slows it down!

TITLE: Motivation in change process​

We construct and develop so many advanced training concepts with different media such as eLearning, social media, smartphones, presence, … but do we fully think at our target group, i.e., the participants?

Many report only the success of a change or an adapted training measure. Few or none report the pain and effort of moving there. Without the willingness to take steps to change, there is no success.

Success is when people have dared to change something, to try something new, but only if they CAN & WANT to do it.

Change takes courage

Most do not want to get involved in a change. Change is always a path into instability, into uncertainty – paired with the courage to build something new and better.

If you have the courage to start something new, it is essential to take values into account. When you ask about values, you ask about WHY someone does something and not WHAT!

Motivation in change process

This means that it is not about motivating people, but about relating one’s own actions to their natural flow of motivation. If you take this into account for your internal training measures, then you will be successful.

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