Moderating in online format

moderate in online format - a real challenge

Training program with 2 modules at the topic of online moderation

This training program is aimed at people who frequently present and do so primarily online.

After we had implemented the modules on online presenting together, we now worked with moderation techniques.

So, it was content like planning and preparing the meeting. Good preparation is the be-all and end-all. As a facilitator, I must prepare for many eventualities and always have a plan B or even plan C.

The same applies to the content. I must think about how and in what form the content should be available. This also quickly reveals the difference between a presence and online moderation. I must be top fit in the various tools (Excel, PowerPoint, Conceptboard, ZOOM, TEAMS, …). Only then can I „quickly“ adapt or change something that goes differently than planned.

Moderating in the online format must above all have a good red thread!

The red thread, one of the most important didactic tools we need!

And yes, especially when we present or moderate online, it is essential to prepare it well. And if something goes wrong, … Cheer up, it will be alright. The better the preparation, the more confident the continuation!

And of course, you need excellent moderation skills, if possible, already learned in the presence format. This knowledge cannot be transferred 1:1, but it is still a good basic knowledge.

The red thread - the most important tool in an online moderation
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