Listen properly!

ifm electronic gmbh
Location: Siegen


Target group


An exciting communication training

The training took place at ifm in Siegen already in October. The participants were diverse and mixed from the different business areas:

  • ifm solutions gmbh
  • GIB S&D and GIB mbh
Listen properly is essential for good communication

At the beginning we clarified the challenges that exist and what it means to listen properly!

The relationship level is important in order to recignize the effects. While practicing role-playing games we had a lot of aha-moments and a lot of fun.

With the help of a game, we also checked whether the participants were able to communicate properly. Because the audience can only hear what is being spoken. An exciting interplay emerged between „saying“, „not saying“, „hearing“ and „not hearing“. The solution for the game was quickly found with a lot of laughter and concentration.

Active listening helps us with this! AND the way we listen is also dependent on the situation we’re in. It is about the topic, the time we have, the people and our current condition.

Pooh, yes there is a lot to consider! But it’s always worth it!

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