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Learning model of the future

Lecture in Billerbeck
Viwis eLearning forum



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The human being between learning culture and change

Lecture at the Viwis eLearning Forum on November 7th, 2013 in Billerbeck.


Is there ONE learning model?

  • Are there learning concepts and models that are oriented towards people, their networking, their personal values (culture) and thus their learning?
  • Can the model also adapt to change? Is that possible?
  • What does the model have to look like so that employees like it? … so it can be sold well internally, so to speak, and then also used?
  • How must my attitude be in order to deal with it?
  • So which values do I live myself, which values do I find great, and which do I find „stupid“ or even impossible?
  • How do people learn, or how would they like to learn, if, for example, points are important to you such as loyalty, reliability, control, and security?
  • But what do people need who prefer to concentrate on topics such as individuality, self-reflection, creativity, autonomy, and integration?
  • And can the learning model then be different or the same?
  • Do you need a certain framework to keep up with the change?

The structure for the learning model of the future

We clarified these previous questions in the plenary as well as in individual group work. This gave us an idea of what a learning model could look like. How it must adapt to certain variables of the change and what role personnel development and employees play in this.

Like last year, I brought a structure with me to make this complex topic easier to understand. This time, too, we moved from pin board to pin board and then went into group work. There we discussed what makes sense and where. Then we discussed in the plenary what the model could look like and whether there is the ONE.

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