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Consulting on learning and training concepts

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Consulting on learning and training concepts

Heidelberg, June 2008

As a consultant, Ursula Hesselmann wants to develop the right concept for the respective company. This eLearning expert is also an experienced business mediator and brings this knowledge to bear in project work in cases of conflict. In an interview with CHECK.point eLearning, Ursula Hesselmann describes where the main topics of her future independent work should be.

The interview is conducted by CHECK.point eLearning - Thea Payome

So far you have worked as a specialist in the introduction and establishment of eLearning in companies. What do you offer your future customers as a consultant?

Ursula Hesselmann: In the last 15 years at ZF and the last seven years in the eLearning environment, I have learned what is feasible. I also realized what shouldn’t be done or what requires immense effort and, in the end, hardly brings any benefit. What is clear, however, is that it is not only possible with one method and alone. That means the goal is to support my future customers with a compact / complete offer and to involve all the necessary parties. My offer includes advice, support, moderation, or training, among other things in the field of learning and qualification concepts. In this, of course, I also include eLearning. I have already been asked several times whether I will no longer do eLearning … after these people had seen my website.

The right concept fits the needs

It is important to me that there is always the right concept for the company and its employees. There is hardly any standard that fits everyone; it must be an individually adapted solution with all available, necessary and useful methods.

Also active as a mediator

I am not only active in the eLearning environment, but I have also been a business mediator since 2004. As a mediator, it is my aim to help the conflicted parties to speak about their conflict and its background. Whether this takes place in the form of a moderation, a short turn mediation or a full mediation. This is the decision of the customer. In almost all projects there is tension and often most of the effort goes into resolving conflicts rather than consistently implementing the project goal.

But not only in projects, but also between departments, employees and other groups, there are often conflicts which, unfortunately, are not resolved in good time or are not recognized at all. The consequence of this is very often that they get sick, or an internal resignation of the employee, or also a real resignation. A lot of knowledge is lost here, and the image of the company is also tarnished in one place or another, which companies can prevent if they address problems at an early stage. It is important to treat each other with respect and appreciation.


The other two areas in which I excel are moderation and training. In the last few years, I have moderated a lot of workshops of all kinds and on a wide variety of topics and specialist areas and I can say of myself that something always „came out“. I really enjoy inquiring about the knowledge of those involved and bringing it to the pin boards together. It is unbelievable what dynamism can arise in a group if it is only sufficiently motivated. Workshops are not an „annoying evil“ for me but a work I approach with fun and joy, hoping to be successful at the end.

The trainings are currently limited to the topic of leadership and personnel management, company accounting sheets. However, more will be added soon, such as the training and accompaniment of project managers, authors (for eLearning) and conflict training.

Where do you want to bring out the main points?

Ursula Hesselmann: The focus is on learning and qualification concepts and on the issue of conflict resolution, with moderation and training automatically going along with this.

In the field of learning and qualification concepts, my focus has always been on the learner and their needs. My experience from the last few years is, of course, very helpful in putting together a package that suits the customer. This package must, of course, be very diverse and cover everyone’s wishes and needs as well as possible.

Be respectful

In the field of conflict resolution, it is important to me that we deal with each other in a respectful and appreciative manner again. For this purpose, a training course will be created that can be adapted at any time to the respective needs of the customer. So for beginners as well as advanced users, the use cases are important to me here.

Like a mediation in which the sustainability of the solution is checked, because only then was it and it is a good solution. There is a well-thought-out and special method for discovering and uncovering conflicts and giving those who are involved in this conflict the opportunity to look at it from several previously unknown perspectives to develop new, good and sustainable solutions.

How do you assess the future development of the topic of eLearning and how do you align your offer to it?

Ursula Hesselmann: From the consultant’s point of view, I see the development currently on a very good path, but with a different conceptual focus than is currently still practiced in the company or is still being sold by some providers. eLearning must not be seen as an „exception” but must finally be anchored on everyone’s mind as one of many methods for the qualification of individuals. It is possible that the relationship between providers of training programs and providers of authoring software will continue to shift, whereby the effort must always be seen in relation to the benefit.

As already mentioned, the focus of my offer is not just based on eLearning. I will watch the market and customers closely and see what is wanted and needed.

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