Wissen muss sofort zur Verfügung stehen

Knowledge must be available immediately

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Knowledge must be available immediately

Interview: Susann Naumann

Ursula Hesselmann, self-employed management consultant and expert in educational advice for training, further education, and training in Horgenzell (near Ravensburg), in an INSIDE interview about the benefits of e-learning, knowledge transfer in bits, and the need to use electronic media.

The interview is conducted by Susann Naumann, Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde&Schwarz enters the age of e-learning. From your experience: Why is this new form of learning important to us?

Ursula Hesselmann: Rohde&Schwarz is innovative, technology and electronics determine day-to-day business. The use of electronic media is obvious. The company is thus taking a future-oriented path: electronic development is rapid, knowledge must be available faster and faster, and competencies should be accessible across borders. In the future, topics such as mobile learning will find their way into the world of continuing education to a much greater extent via the smartphone.

What requirements must be met for e-learning to be successful?

Ursula Hesselmann: Above all, employees must be given the opportunity to learn. Specifically, this means that computers and corresponding workstations are available. In addition, a calm environment is required, the manager as a proponent of learning on the computer, the understanding of colleagues, to take over the phone for a short time, and of course the personal responsibility of the employee. Learning on the computer is exhausting. It is best to study in pieces, for example 10 to 15 minutes a day.

How do you get the greatest possible benefit out of it as an employee?

Ursula Hesselmann: Employees have the opportunity to learn during the time of day when they can learn best themselves. In addition, everyone can follow their own pace. The program forgives mistakes, exercises can be repeated. In addition, the learning program can be used as a reference work at any time. In this way, learning is integrated into everyday work and the transfer of knowledge is ensured.

Rohde&Schwarz starts with compliance and data protection, two "dry" topics. How do you manage to make it interesting anyway?

Ursula Hesselmann: You must provide variety. The content should be well designed, but still have the necessary seriousness. Learning should be fun, then most of it stays in your head. A mix of possibilities make the content appealing by clicking on content as well as images and short texts that are as simple as possible. Matching images or a video make it easier to understand.

E-learning has been around for many years. Why is this form of learning still difficult despite all the advantages?

Ursula Hesselmann: Often the learner is left alone, he has no chance to understand the content due to the lack of a trainer. This leads to frustration and demotivation and thus to the death of this form of learning. It also doesn’t work to start e-learning without a well-thought-out concept. Good preparatory work with a defined project team that has sufficient capacity for this is essential. Finally, managers are needed as driving forces.

Here you find the original article from the company's internal magazine INSIDE

Susan Naumann: Ms. Hesselmann, thank you for talking to us.

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