Iridescent ball

… can fascinate us, fall into raptures, and make us happy.

But they can also deceive, disappoint, and make us unhappy.

Soap bubbles that throw back a distorted reflection. Let us perceive the environment differently and unfortunately burst too quickly!

Iridescent balls or soap bubbles are delicate structures but beautiful.

Iridescent ball or disguise!

As an iridescent ball,
that has promises in it,
you came across
– and –
I touched you.

Fascinated by the variety of your colors,
I did not notice the distance,
that you preserved!

Just when I gained confidence in you,
you burst.

Like a soap bubble!

Author: Ursula Hesselmann, 1991


It has been a long time since I wrote this. Back then in the context of a friendship. When I think about it like that today, it still holds true.

It does not just apply to friendships, but to a lot more. When do you trust whom? Which situations and people do you think of?

Then think about when you were disappointed. When was everything that you originally thought suddenly disappeared?!

We can also transfer this to the professional world. People and colleagues trust each other. We build trust in our relationships with our employees and our bosses. We trust that the company we work for will cope with crises and that we will keep our job. Some of you trust that the assessment that the boss gives you was open and honest. If it feels „fair“ then all is well.
Yes, I consciously speak of „felt“. Because justice is a question of perception and this is subjective. And both have a lot to do with motivation.


So, we must think about every day whether what we see corresponds to reality. There is an iridescent ball everywhere. Just pay attention to what it does to you and act!

I wish you all the best!

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