Internal agreement and eLearning

Internal agreement and eLearning



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Internal agreement and eLearning

Live session on November 16, 2006 from time4you’s online event series.


  • Information about the company: ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • Why a company agreement?

    It serves to introduce and establish online learning, especially because of its flexible use options. It is about responding to the individual needs of the employees. Which are the goals of the works council and the company. eLearning is a useful addition to conventional measures – AND we can train many employees within a short period of time

  • Content and scope of a company agreement:

    The scope and definition of the term eLearning are part of the content of a company agreement. Basic conditions also must be agreed upon. Ultimately, points are also needed to monitor behavior and performance. It is also helpful to provide professional support and to define the rights of employees. As such, a particularly important point is the study and working hours. Not to be forgotten are the rights of the works council. Likewise, data protection and security regulations as well as regulations for abuse and disputes.

  • Negotiation and participants

    The development of an internal agreement should be prepared by the legal department, labor law, the HR manager, HRD, the person responsible for eLearning and IT. If necessary, the management can also be integrated. The negotiation then takes place with the legal department, the eLearning representative, and one or more works council members. It is important to ensure that the representatives are from the „most influential“ areas. It is also important that these are also „decision-making“ representatives. Finally, they should also have an idea of ​​the subject, of computers and of eLearning. It may also be helpful to consult the IT manager.

  • Create sustainability and commitment
    To create sustainability, it is important to hold joint discussions at regular intervals. These should handle further development and strategic orientation. Comprehensive information about new projects and the involvement of works council members in pilot projects are also useful. They can also be on board as project team members.


If you are currently thinking of introducing the use of online media as e-learning or blended learning and you have a company agreement in mind, then I will be happy to support you.

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