Integration of business games

Integration of business games

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Simulation games - quality and innovation

Contribution by Hesselmann, Ursula: „Meaningful integration of business games in further training measures – using the example of project management“, pages 217-230


Project management is a training measure that affects almost all companies. Unfortunately, there is often not enough time for employees to prepare for future tasks as project managers, project employees, or even decision-makers with targeted training in the topic of project management. However, training before the start of the project promotes the quality not only of the employees, but, above all, in the implementation of the project. Previously, such training courses were mostly geared towards face-to-face events, but unfortunately that is no longer enough these days.

To do justice to the rapid change and innovation in the field of further education, it is necessary to integrate electronic media in a wide variety of forms. It is important to have a sophisticated framework that integrates various methods to use strengths and compensate for weaknesses. One of these methods is examined in more detail – the integration of simulation games in training and further education in project management.

Why project management?

In today’s time, with the ever-faster changing framework conditions and the increasing globalization, project management is an indispensable tool to implement stringent, planned, effective, and efficient tasks within the appropriate resource framework (capacities, budget, time). Project management helps to implement projects faster, so that customers and colleagues are more satisfied with the outcome and the work itself is more fun.

Project management is like the good tools of the bricklayer and carpenter. Only with good tools can you effectively and efficiently build a stable, durable but also inexpensive house for your customers.

Project management is, as such, important …

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ZMS Series 2 – Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart and ZMS – Center for Management Simulation (ed.)

Anthology: „Business Games – Quality and Innovation“, edition 2011, available in bookshops under ISSN: 2192-7502

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