Implementation of E-Learning

Implementation of E-Learning

Dittler, Ulrich
Oldenburg Verlag


Target group

Managing directors
HR and HR-developer

Basic thoughts on implementing E-Learning in companies

For almost two decades now, „e-learning“ has been introduced in companies and institutions under this moniker. But there are still a variety of definitions of e-Learning and, above all, the most varied of approaches.

This is difficult and confusing for companies that have not yet introduced e-learning. There are too many possibilities and variants, making it very difficult to enable a stringent and well-thought-out introduction of e-learning.

This article „Implementation of e-learning“ is intended to shed light on the many aspects involved in the introduction of e-learning and to give clues as to how a sensible course of action should play out.
Above all, however, the article makes it clear that it is not just about the technology, but more about the framework conditions. If the framework conditions are sufficiently considered, then nothing stands in the way of a successful introduction of e-learning.

However, this article also offers help to companies that are already using e-learning. Forgotten aspects can be re-included to optimize learning with media and create a win-win situation for everyone in the company. In this way, learning in the company offers real added value in that learning is fun. The transfer of knowledge into daily work is secured and sustainability is strengthened.

You can find more about the integration of e-learning in the book E-Learning

Book title: E-Learning
Book contribution by Hesselmann, Ursula: „Basic thougths on the introduction of e-learning in companies“, page 397-408

In: Dittler, Ulrich (Hg.): „E-Learning, deployment concepts and success in learning with interactive media“, 3. revised and supplemented edition 2011, Oldenbourg Verlag

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