Ideal world

… there is not any.

To wish for an ideal world is the most natural thing in the world.
But it is far from reality!

Instead of putting on rose-tinted glasses, fogging us up or taking refuge in a world of video games, we should go through the world with a watchful eye!

Ideal world - a fallacy. We can only survive if we face reality

An ideal world is a pipe dream

It is only a wish. No goal – just a dream!

Animals and plants must face the challenges of their environment every day. So, we should do it too!

It can be unusual!

And there are still countless examples that are certainly even stranger, more exciting, more interesting …

The armadillo faces reality and adapts accordingly.

For example, an armadillo only gives birth to its young if the conditions are right. That means it can be half pregnant, so to speak. After mating, it can delay the development of the embryo for up to three years. This ensures that the young are not born in times of drought and lack of food.

Source: Brockhaus: What is not in the lexicon, Leipzig, 1996

The camel is also a survival strategist. Because it must face completely different challenges and realities.

The main reason why the camel is so suitable for the desert is that it uses very little water. His nose is equipped with a liquid-absorbing fabric that absorbs 2/3 of the exhaled moisture. In addition, it can safely lose around 30% of its body weight. Humans only 12%. The camel only begins to sweat at a body temperature of 40°C. In addition, camels can drink enormous amounts of water: up to 100 liters within 10 minutes.

Source: Brockhaus: What is not in the lexicon, Leipzig, 1996

Trees and their shoots are true survivors. For them there is no ideal world, only hard reality

We know of deciduous trees that they shed their leaves in autumn. They stop growing and form winter buds. Sugar and proteins are compressed in high concentrations. Such parts of the plant, also known as renewal buds, contain hardly any water and are therefore extremely frost-resistant. In addition, the hard scales that shield the slightly softer interior help. „The bud is alive, but the life in it has decreased,“ explains botanist Schneckenburger. In spring it sprouts and forms new leaves or flowers. The scales are then thrown off.

Away from the rose-colored glasses, towards reality

The ideal world or rose-tinted glasses only make us drift further and further away from reality.

Only when if we review on our own area, deal with our own life, do we manage to look death in the eye. So, it is important to always make the best of the current situation for yourself.

You can do it. Your own inner drive is built for it – push it!

If you do not, you fall into eternal wailing and lamenting. You blame others for the fact that YOU are unwell.

WE ALL ALONE are responsible for whether we are doing badly or well. Whether we are happy and satisfied or just complaining.

Nobody other than we can do something about it!

An ideal world is a fallacy that in the end only makes it harder to get back to reality.

Look ahead and reinvent yourself!

I wish you all the best!
If you need help, just contact me!

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