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The Workshop at HKI Forum

After the panel discussion and lunch, in the afternoon we shifted our work to standing up. So that no midday coma starts for the participants.

We discussed the topic: „Everyone is talking about xx 4.0 and generation XYZ and nobody knows exactly what to do!

The group of workshop participants was large

As with the panel discussion, we also had a great discussion here with a lot of AHA effects. For this reason alone, it is important to make the challenges of work tangible.

First, we started with the holistic view, then we took care of the understanding of values. On one hand, it was about the understanding of each individual and, on the other hand, also about the relationship to the world of work. We also dealt with the many generational issues present. And in the end, we asked ourselves, where do we stand and where do we want to be.

At the end of the day, the desire for further development or a combination of already recognized good values was clearly visible. Consequently, it is a matter of bringing them back to the fore.

Now it is up to the participants to specifically apply to their company the steps and measures from actual situations to a target.


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