Healthy entrepreneur

Healthy entrepreneu in a healthy company

Association of the self-employed in Bavaria – BDS



Managing directors

Only a healthy entrepreneur can be there for his company!

It was an interesting evening with attentive participants and a good and open discussion on the topic.

We started with the question of the healthy company. When is a company healthy?

So, we realized that we had to deal with issues such as finance and controlling, with profit, investment, and debt. It is also important to concentrate on the stakeholders. Who belongs to it? Who influences us? And what can we do for our customers and employees. We also discussed topics such as family and work, succession planning, project management, quality assurance, and much more.

A healthy businessman also contributes to the healthy company – so we started this analysis. It was about the personal environment, network, friends, family, but also about the relationships we cultivate. Here, for example, dealing with respect and appreciation, crisis management, being an example, reliability, and a good management style.

This again led us to the topic of effectiveness. Are we credible, authentic, consistent, …?

Finally, the inner attitude was an issue: So, how is our motivation, can we work on the same level, do we see the values and talents of our employees, and what about our own reflectiveness? And are we then a healthy entrepreneur?

All around a very valuable evening – thank you for coming.

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