Happy and satisfied

Happy and satisfied
- it works!

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TITLE: Happy and satisfied - it works!

„Be happy and satisfied?“ In companies this might mean: How can the individual, from the boss to the employee, contribute individually? How can conflicts, misunderstandings, and other negative factors be avoided and resolved?

People with different mentality

Of course, everyone has a different idea of a fulfilled life. It is important to consider which values – and thus behavior and motivation – everyone brings with them. What family, social, ethical, professional, and other backgrounds shape him/her?

It is obvious that a managing director, for example, has different goals than an employee. The working methods of individual people also differ, which should be observed and always valued, because everyone can, yes, should make their contribution and bring in their uniqueness. This assumes that everyone knows their own talents and abilities.

To find out about these different talents, dispositions and goals, Ursula Hesselmann uses, among other things, a simple yet very efficient model. It is based on the logic of „Spiral Dynamics®“. This model allows for an exact company, culture, team, and personality analysis of one’s own motivation, value orientation, and environmental relationships without typologizing the person or the situation or „pigeonholing“ them. It is dynamic and shows changes that result from the environment, the people, and oneself.

Change begins with the individual

„If my boss would praise me, then I would work more“…; „If my employees worked more precisely, we could generate more sales …“. All too often – and gladly – we are willing to blame others for our own behavior. We see ourselves as „victims“ of circumstances, conditions, strokes of fate, and the actions and re-actions of our fellow human beings. So, we throw make it soft or attack others personally. But that doesn’t get us anywhere. Instead of asking „guilt“, it is better to call things by their names and find solutions.

Ursula Hesselmann knows this from her own experience. Due to her short stature, she was exposed to teasing and humiliation from childhood. It was only when she „worked on herself“, changed her attitudes and her own behavior, that is, removing herself the role of victim or accuser, that she met appreciation and respect, especially for herself.

„So, if something is to change and improve in my life, I have to start with myself,“ says Hesselmann, „there’s no way around!“ It doesn’t help if we just watch how things could go differently, better. Only when you are ready to accept changes and want to change, i.e., also to feel in yourself what change means, is it easier to deal with it. Then we can live contentedly and happily!

The solution

Thanks to her many years of professional experience and cooperation with a wide variety of companies from craft, trade, industry and public service, Ursula Hesselmann offers a wealth of experience, knowledge, and understanding of human nature. Her trainings and workshops are individually „tailor-made“ depending on the company’s profile and needs. She acts on the principle of standing up for herself courageously, communicating on an equal footing, eliminating outdated thought patterns, and using creative ideas.
In this way, entrenched corporate hierarchies or the desire for a change in culture are examined and the same behavior patterns and the associated vicious circles can be dissolved.

Process optimization, mentoring, and business mediation are just as much part of the portfolio as individual coaching and training for employees, executives, and company boards. „Wherever we are, our own development is an exciting process,“ enthuses Ursula Hesselmann, „a path that is worth taking. I would be happy to accompany you on this path!“

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Allgaeu business magazine; edition 02/2016
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