Handling conflicts within a team


Target group

Team leader
Project leader

Training on the topic of "Handling conflicts within a team" in three parts

  • Part 1 – Online: Conflict types and conflict styles
  • 2nd part – Online: Advantages and disadvantages of the styles and the escalation of conflicts
  • 3rd part – presence: applying what has been learned to specific situations and learning how to deal with them properly
Handling conficts within a team

Conflicts in the teams - crop up again and again

Part 1 Online with Conceptboard

  • We all use different types and styles of conflict in different situations
  • It was important to develop an understanding for this
  • It was also important to recognize when we are „driven“ to it, i.e. what triggers it!
  • We then worked this out in breakout sessions in TEAMS and with Conceptboard

2nd part Online with Conceptboard

  • Every conflict style has its pros and cons.
  • And every conflict style has its time! We must also be aware of this.
  • So there were exciting discussions with the participants 
  • We also worked this out  with Conceptboard

3rd part Presence + Conceptboard

  • The third part was characterized by many role exercises
  • We re-enacted real situations that put a strain on managers
  • With each exercise there was also an analysis with vicious circle, feedback and corresponding potential for improvement

Although it was only a very small group, it was extremely active, fully involved and with many exciting situations. So, it was again three great parts and a super group that was active and creative. Thank you very much for the trust and the exciting situations directly from your own teams, which we could solve together.

I wish you all much success in implementing what you have learned – stay tuned!

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