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Guide education and training

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Handbook education and training

The automotive group ZF Friedrichshafen AG has launched the „Learning on the Net“ qualification campaign for its employees.

The employees will be introduced to the medium of the Internet and can choose different learning topics: IT, occupational safety, environmental protection, languages, etc.

The author and trainer also comes from among the staff. An innovative concept presented by the author Ursula Hesselmann.

Table of contents:

  • To the company
  • Goal setting
  • The entry into the pilot project
  • Expansion of the learning programs with external support
  • New objective
  • Communication and sales
  • Qualification programs from A-Z
  • Basic conditions and critical success factors
  • Conclusion

ZF and the author are of the opinion that knowledge transfer can only be successful if it is supported without reservation. ZF is on a good, successful path here and will also provide even more support in e-learning at its international locations in the future.


  • Learning with new media is not a sure-fire success. This can only be implemented step by step with the aim of continuously improving concepts, programs, availability, and processes. An introduction can only work together with managers, employees, and a commitment by the personnel development department.
  • The questions that a company should answer in advance are: Are we ready to make the initial effort and do we want to test new ways to then bring in the effects at a later point in time?
  • A positive basic attitude in the company is required and there must be sufficient expert know-how for the introduction and coordination of new learning methods and didactics.

More you can find in the handbook education and training

Article – Title: „Use of new learning media in a large company using the example of ZF Friedrichshafen AG“
172 Supplementary Delivery – March 2006 – Chapter 4930

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