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Completion Groups D

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Target group

Team leader

Final workshop

The final workshop serves to review the entire program once again.

All participants have the task of going through all the modules / photo protocols once again and working on them in individual small groups. The last group of the team leader program had six additional review sessions that also had to be integrated as a conclusion.

This elaboration naturally serves on the one hand to ensure the transfer and deepening of the topics and on the other hand to establish the connection and dependence of the topics on each other. Furthermore, it is also a helpful indication for the direct managers what their employees have learned. These are the tasks for the conclusion group D.

In the morning, the respective direct managers accompanied us and thus got a wonderful view of what really stuck.

In the afternoon, we were all together again and there was a rounded conclusion for the group with a check of the self-image and the image of others on the basis of values. This gave the participants a few new insights that they could take with them into the future.

We can celebrate successes 👍 – and we must!

Here is a snapshot from the last module on the topic of team and cooperation.

Since I am licensed to play games from BTI GmbH, I was able to successfully use the game Wasser ON! here.
During the game it becomes clear very quickly which competencies the participants have and with which behaviors they shine or harm. Always an experience!

Conclusion Group D
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