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Final workshop

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Target group

Team Leader

Further education programm completed

I had the great opportunity to work with six team leaders from September 2020.
Group B had many short online sequences due to the corona. We only had the chance to meet face to face two times. These on notably important topics such as personality and leadership.
The contents were structured step by step and the participants recognized in their final presentation that in the end everything is connected and only if we in person change something, something will change.

It was a great final workshop! The participants presented the content of the program to their direct managers. Eventually the participants talked about the topics that stuck in their mind. There was also a debriefing regarding the duration, the distance, and the content. As a result, these ideas for improvement have now been integrated directly into the start of the new group from March.

I would like to thank the six team leaders not only for the great challenging talks and discussions, but also for the constructive criticism. It’s nice to have courageous people around who also want to change something.
Thank you all and thank you to truma for this group!

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