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Group 4 at Carthago

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Target group

Employees, Team leader,
young managers

Junior staff program with the next group started at Carthago

I am very pleased to be able to accompany another group at Carthago.

The program started in June 2022 and will run until July 2023. It is a blended learning concept with many online programs (eLearning / WBT) as well as transfer tasks for preparation and follow-up of the content to be learned.
The face-to-face and online modules alternate in a 4-week rhythm and thus create a lot of variety.

Diversity enriches!

The ten participants come from a wide variety of areas: Customer Service, Design, Key Account Sales, Logistics, Marketing, Order Confirmation, Plastics Engineering, PM, PPS, Product Audit, Sales.

Thus, there are many different views, perceptions and knowledge about the other areas and people. It was already clear in the start-event and in the personal position determination, that everyone can learn a lot from each other here. The greater the diversity and the more colorful the mixture of different tasks, types, and characters, the more challenging for everyone! But this also makes it even more exciting, creative and enriching! 😊

We have now made with group 4 at Carthago some changes to the previous approach.

More tools to meet New Work

There are more online sequences and more online tools in use.

So for example the conceptboard. With the board we can on the one hand keep the program overview and on the other hand work on it constantly in connection with each module. We can use it as a virtual bulletin board to ensure group work directly … and much more. By the way, this is possible online as well as in face-to-face meetings.

Thereby there are also more intensive transfer tasks. And there is an additional event for the participants in connection with Carthago motorhomes, so that learning on the product is directly included. Great!

I am very much looking forward to the year with you 👏 😃

Start group 4 at Carthago - great!
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