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Group 3 YTP
Young talent program

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Target group

Team leader

Young Talent program

Since 2017, I have been accompanying young people at carthago in connection with the young talent program (short: YTP).

Group 3 YTP again is staffed by 10 participants. These are young people from different areas of the company. A wonderful mix of work planning, purchasing, engineering + central data management, spare parts, construction, maintenance, logistics planning, marketing, and factory sales.

So, we were able to start the program despite the 2nd lockdown and also rely on online parts here and there.

This group also works in the form of a blended learning concept. That means, at least at the beginning, there are online sequences, face-to-face modules, online training programs and homework.

Group 3 NKP - from the junior staff / young talent program started in week where it was snowing a lot.

Started in a snowy week in January 2021.

I am there for my customers 👍😃

Content and process

Depending on the group and level of maturity of the individual participants, the content is prepared group-specific and individually. That means even if it is already the third group, it is always different.

Group 3 – YTP

It is about a personal position determination and, in this case, also a personality analysis carried out in parallel. And of course, about the all-encompassing basis – communication. In addition, we take care of topics such as time management and presentation techniques. Handling conflicts is an exciting and exhausting module. It is not only about recognizing when a conflict will arise, but also which strategies and behaviors are necessary to resolve it.

Additional topics are then the focus on one’s own personality and team, and motivation. In the end, everything that has been learned so far must be implemented in the conversation management module.

Finally, we look together at the personal development that has taken place over the two years. First in private and then a feedback with the HR department and the respective higher-level managers.

Transfer and sustainability!

This group, like groups 1 and 2 before, must work on WBTs (Web-based Trainings) in between and do homework in smaller teams. This is how we overcome our weaker self, promote transfer and sustainability.

There are great participants, a fascination generation, great characters, and exciting challenges.

Thanks a lot for this!

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