Personnel management award

Personnel management award
2nd place

Together with ZF


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HR developer
Head of department
Responsible for eLearning
project Manager

Mobile learning station at the award

The prize was awarded at the fair and so I was able to take 2nd place in the German Human Resources Award 2004 on behalf of ZF. Our concept for the „mobile learning station“, a converted American school bus, was rewarded.

The American school bus was specially developed as a learning station with nine laptop workstations for employees in production. It served to strengthen the overall eLearning mission. In this way, the production employees were also able to take part in the large global project.

The „ZF on-LINe-Trainer“ had ergonomically equipped learning workstations that could be individually adjusted.

It was about creating a learning station and avoiding additional investments in computer rooms.

It served to make the topic of eLearning accessible to these employees and was very well received by the employees.

The mobile learning station drove through the German and Italian locations of ZF and stopped in front of the production halls.

It was unique and interesting and contributed intensively to the awareness of online learning.

So, the jury of the German Human Resources Award was enthusiastic about the overall concept and gave us second place.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ZF for giving me the chance to participate in the German Human Resources Award with my idea and to reap the fruits that I have grown.

If you are also interested in setting up a blended learning concept session, please ask!

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