free space fair Allgaeu

Free space fair Allgaeu

Stand at the fair and lecture in Memmingen



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At the stand

First, I would like to thank all visitors to the stand.
Great conversations with great topics, exciting customers, and very interested private individuals.

From communication training to succession planning to application training, everything was requested 🙂

I look forward to future cooperation!

Lecture: "Create free space"

The title of the fair was „Free space“ and so many speakers lined up on this topic. I also concentrated on taking up the topic.

In my lecture we focused on thinking about how we can create the space for ourselves. One of the many possibilities is to deal with your own time and examine your way of dealing with time.

First, we dealt with the questions whether you also want to create more free space for yourself? AND whether it is just a wish or whether you will also do something for it?
Well, as it always is, we get stuck in the hamster wheel of time and find countless reasons why we just don’t have time or why it is not our fault.

So the next question arises: If you want to do something, then the question arises – what exactly do I have to do? Some answer this with, well either I don’t have time, or I have time. But unfortunately, it is not that easy. We are the ones who decide our own time!!

So, what do I have to do?

I must shake up different traits in myself. From loyalty, to courage, to my own structure, the will to succeed, the desire for harmony and, finally, the most important point – the will to create synergies.

Because in the end you must stand by yourself, take risks, be courageous and consistent. Then you will be successful too and create your own personal space!

I would like to thank the numerous listeners at the Freiraum Messe Allgäu. For both lectures on Saturday and the last lecture appointment at 3 p.m. on Sunday, more than 40 people in the room! Great! Thanks very much!

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