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Workshop and Interview
by IHK and SIRIS


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Managing directors
HR developer
eLearning provider

A day with a lot of new insights

Excerpt from the day compiled by SIRIS. The short interview (20sec 🙂) with Ursula Hesselmann can be found at 3 25-3:45


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My workshop focused on several topics, like ...

  • Topics of life-phase-oriented HR work and learning across all ages
  • So how do I organize the transfer of knowledge and experience? Or rather, when do I have to pass what and to whom?
  • Another question was: How and when does networking take place and what are the benefits for me?
  • We also discussed the requirements of certain methods and basic conditions
  • The first thing to do is to prepare and train people for these tasks
    • It is also important to show them what the mirror (old / young) means and how they can best live with it
    • Learning to respect and appreciate others and thus practicing human interaction
    • Awaken and live acceptance for „being different“
    • Encourage personal initiative, live and let live, so that employees can also take over responsibility
    • Work must / should / can be fun
  • The aim is to create a win-win situation so that everyone involved benefits

The result showed that we must look at this topic holistically. Because we speak of structures, of culture, and of competencies. But the most important thing is the inner attitude of everyone.

In the end the forum for HR professionals presented a picture, which should show that we must consider the interests and needs of the individual to successfully pass on knowledge.

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