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Feedback talks online

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Target group

Team leader

Feedback conversations are a real challenge

With two successive modules, we have dedicated ourselves to the special topic of conversational skills.

The first part was about the challenge and the benefits of these discussions and about the competence model newly introduced in 2019. We also carried out an initial short test interview as a role play.
In the second part, we used the prepared documents of the participants and held two feedback discussions. Focused on the perception of facial expressions, gestures, and voice.

Feedback talks online are more intensiv to prepare than in presence

Basically, it is important to build a relationship with the other person. When we conduct feedback talks online, the challenge is to be even more „all ears“! As time has now become very short for many, especially online, this means getting to the heart of the key messages even faster and more clearly. The perception of both controls the success of the conversation. And so, it was exciting to find out how much we really see in the small image section via TEAMS and how exactly we can perceive it. How much the technology distracts us or how tired we have become while online talking.
Ultimately, it is just the same online as it is face-to-face – the feelings in the end determine whether the conversation is good or not!

Thank you for the intensive participation 🙂 and the brave role play!

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