Face change creatively

Face change creatively

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TITLE: Face change creatively

„Survival of the fittest“.
This is how Charles Darwin summed up his thoughts and scientific findings on the theory of evolution. The National Socialists derived their abstruse and inhuman race theory from this. Darwin did not mean that the „best“ wins, but that the one who does best in evolution – and in the end remains – who adapts to environmental changes fastest and best. The dinosaurs became extinct, the shark survived. The interesting thing is that the most adaptable does not have to be the strongest …

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… Managers should channel the resistance – give employees space to express their negative feelings and thus take the pressure off them. To do this, bosses must take time to communicate with their team and involve employees in change processes. This active participation of employees in change processes has a lot to do with communication.

Communication trainer Ursula Hesselmann, who has been accompanying change processes in medium-sized companies in southern Germany for decades, complains in this context that there is often a lack of „honesty“ and „openness“ on the part of corporate management. „As an employer, you have to openly admit that changes can also be painful for the workforce. Only then you can give credible assurance that these changes are necessary.“ The much-invoked transparency also brings them into the field; according to Hesselmann, it is the key to more personal responsibility.

Transparency = explaining goals

When it comes to transparency, companies that do not want to publish their sales, earnings or key figures, whose ears must be burning. With reference to the confidentiality at this point, however, according to Hesselmann, it is not yet explained why one cannot still be transparent. „Transparency means I want this project to be completed in one way or another and lead to this or that result. And I want you to implement it according to what you think is best.“ Ownership is based on personal responsibility that is transferred to the employee. „You can do that, I trust you’ is worth more at this point than revealing results.“
Companies can create trust even if they guard their facts like a treasure. Provided they treat their employees not like tools, but like people.

No difference

Because that is the case, there are no major differences in change processes in large and small companies or in …

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Business today; edition 03/2013

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