didacta eLearning

Experts in eLearning

Lecture and workshop
at didacta fair


Target group

Managing directors
HR developer
eLearning provider


My lecture and workshop took place at didacta on February 23, 2011, in connection with the PLE in Stuttgart.

This was a particularly exciting exchange about tried and tested tools, techniques, and methods. But also, about the stumbling blocks that experts can pose. Because it’s not just about technology and „e-competence“, but also about other skills. For example, good time management and organizational skills, but also good methodological and didactic skills.

During and after the discussion it was clear to everyone that experts in eLearning also need additional skills.
So, it was ultimately about change management, project knowledge and the ability to work well with providers. It also became clear that flexibility (agility) and good communication are other keys to success.

A great discussion with active participation – thanks for that!

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