Gaining experiences

… are knowledge, practice, teaching and gives us security.

But they also give us an overview and an understanding for ourselves, for others and for situations.

They are the impression they provide and the knowledge that follows from them.

Experiences that we gain, can sometimes confuse us.

Mistakes are avoided,
by gaining experiences.

You gain experiences,
by making mistakes!

Author: Laurence Johnston Peter, Sociologist (1919-1990)

Gain experiences - it is always worth it!

Mistakes only become a real experience if I reflect on them, learn from them, and break new ground.

That means you need the courage to make mistakes. Only then can you start collecting. All of this raises your level and sharpens your intelligence. This also expands your horizon, which then takes you to a new level.

You will only mature when you are ready to change your perspective, to expand your field of vision. This insight then helps you to work on yourself.


Unfortunately, it is often the case that we are not even allowed to take this path.
We are told where to go, what to do and what steps to take.

And we do not manage to escape from it. This often happens for a variety of reasons. Often, we do not even know the reasons and backgrounds, because they are usually buried deep within us. Or we close our eyes to it, retire into oneself, and accept everything without complaint.
But that makes you suffer. And that is no fun and certainly makes not happy!

Well, you should want it and then you just must push your inner driver. So, you will quickly notice how things can go on. Then you have taken the most important step. Now it is time to strengthen yourself and on top of that to say NO.

I wish you all the best!

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