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Young Talent program

We started in October 2018 and due to corona, we had to postpone four appointments, one of which was only possible online.

Nevertheless, the group managed to grow together into a team.

Many online training sessions (WBTs / eLearning) and homework accompanied the program, as well as unscheduled in-depth discussions.

The conclusion was then a „flight“ over the entire program with all its content, methods, questions, positives, and optimization requests.

A special treat at the end was the handing over of the fishpond to the management so that they can make a rich catch 😉 for new potential.

At the end I got a picture with impressions from the last 3 years of the program

Thanks a lot for your personal gift! 👍😃

From the start in 2018 to the end in 2021

Here again is a rough summary of the content

  • Positioning – October 2018:

    Your own personal assessment with a focus on the relevant values and needs of everyone.
    Recognize connections with the values that are rejected. Record the needs for the upcoming topics and thus adapt the program.

  • Communication – January 2019:

    Get to know the rules for dealing with one another. Recognize the basics of communication and their effects in non-verbal communication.
    Recognize perception and assumptions and change behavior. Converting the handling of uncertainty into security. Use the Johari window as an aid and practice active listening.

  • Presentation – March 2019

    Learn how to use body language when presenting. Recognize the basics of presenting and your own role associated with it. Practice the use of various methods while also paying attention to the arc of tension. It was also important to consider essentiel preparation steps to achieve your own safety.

  • Time management – May 2019

    Pay attention to your personal performance curve and thus set priorities. Learn to say NO and perfect it with I-messages. Use time thieves and the Eisenhower principle to become more effective and efficient. Use the Alpine Method to achieve good personal and group scheduling.

  • Handling Conflicts – September 2019

    Definition of conflict and getting to know the basics of conflicts. In connection with this, you will also get to know the types and styles of conflict. Recognize the conflict model in your own vicious circle. As well as being able to analyze the causes and symptoms of resistance. Finally, to make one’s own actions aware and to specify the perception. That means cultivating a good handling of emotions and entering into a controlled dialogue.

  • Your own personality – December 2019

    Here, it was important to discover the square of values as a development model for yourself. This makes it easier to perceive the blind spot, amongst other things. Perceive the inner child and the inner drivers and pitfalls and thus recognize your own role in the drama triangle. Because then it is possible to find your own position in life.

  • Team & Motivation – September 2020

    The differentiation between group and team was important to opening one’s eyes to how teams really work. We highlighted the structure, roles, and types in teams as well as the phases of team development. Especially with the men in teams, we practiced dealing with them and thus promoted social skills within the team. Finally, the way to a successful team was clear, based on your own understanding of values.

  • Interview / online – February 2021

    Self-clarification, general clarification, goals, and process structure are important steps for preparation. To use the meta level for reflection. So, it was possible to lead and structure the conversation. We practiced the whole thing in virtual role-playing games – a real challenge.

  • Final location assessment – April 2021

    Comparison of the location determination at the beginning of the program with the development over time. Recognize connections to your own behavior in retrospect. Definition of the recognizable change and naming of further potentials. This was followed by a conversation with the direct manager and HR management.

  • End / Transfer & Feedback – July 2021

    The end was a transfer assurance in that the participants reflected on all modules. So, it was a repetition of the content and finally an understanding of the context. Maneuver criticism by the participants and feedback on the mentoring program. At the end, there was a conclusion of the overall program.

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