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I stand for the appreciation of holistic view…

Courage, consistency, purposeful working, warmth and individuality as well as sustainability and transfer assurance
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Shape your own development together with Ursula Hesselmann!

Discover deeper motivations for your behavior

Make an impact on yourself, your happiness and your satisfaction!

Do you know these words / sentences?

  • “maybe”
  • “actually”
  • “no no, it’s fine”
  • “see what happens”
  • “always”
  • “constantly”
or the reaction from the opposite:

  • “The idea is good but not feasible”
  • “Just because you’re friendly with the boss this does not mean that …”
  • “Well, you have mastered it so far, and then you can do it now!”
  • “Yes, we have to call a meeting first …”
  • “What do I care about my chitchat from yesterday?”
  • “It was not me” and “I don’t know, that’s something what the boss has to decide”

We ourselves are responsibel for our lives

In my 25 years of professional experience as an employee and manager and in the now 10 years as a consultant and coach, I have collected countless examples that influence our daily work. And again and again I hear: “Oh Mrs. Ursula Hesselmann, what should I do – my hands are tied!”

Do you know the old saying: “Everyone is the architect of his own fortune”

Well then, forge YOUR life where YOU have joy that excites YOU that YOU find fabulous, awesome, great and enriching. Then YOU can shine and be satisfied!

I, Ursula Hesselmann will be happy to help – here is a first taste:

Questions from Ursula Hesselmann to you …


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How does it look inside me?

What do I need?

… to be happy and satisfied – at home and at work?

  • Are my needs and values fulfilled?
  • Is my attitude towards life positive?
  • What about my willingness to change and my creative will?
  • Do I have a strong sense of self-worth?
  • Am I motivated?
  • What about my health?
  • Do I have a positive life motto?

What is going on, what’s wrong?

What do I expect?

… von den anderen und den Umgang miteinander?

  • Do I experience trust in myself, my work and my team?
  • Do I have responsibility and decision-making powers?
  • Do I have responsibility and decision-making powers?
  • Can I present decision-making processes well?
  • Am I respectful while handling with conflicts and do I have good crisis management?
  • Do I live a good working atmosphere and a perfect communication culture?
  • Am I working on good cooperation in the team and with colleagues?

How should it be implemented?

With what result?

… do I expect, or what should be fulfilled in which form?

  • Do I expect a good, efficient and moderated meeting structure?
  • Is a mature and fair promotion and reward system for employees and executives also important to me?
  • Is a result responsibility with satisfied customers relevant for me?
  • Do I also want a respectful use of resources and optimal processes and structures?
  • Should Coaching also play a role in my life?
  • Should corporate identity and the public image also be conclusive?
  • Is a good teaching and learning system relevant to the focus of innovation?

Where should my development process go?

What do I have to do for myself?

… so that the first three questions and thus answers come true

  • Is good self-management what I have to do as an employee? (Work organization, time management, self-perception …)
  • Is a good leadership style with good interviewing consequently the empowerment for the employees?
  • In addition, is it important to be capable of change?
  • Should I also constantly expand my knowledge and work steadily on myself?
  • What about crises, do I have to react confidently here?
  • Do I have to maintain an excellent working method also in projects?
  • Should I learn to be bold and stand up straight for my decisions?
  • Does it also make sense to be vital and healthy?

Get clarity! Have the courage to work on you and be happy!

Out of the vagueness, right into good communication and in an appreciative togetherness!

=> I, Ursula Hesselmann, accompany you in your development process

You are as welcome as an individual, as a team, as an employee or manager or as a company!


... and coaching in the process of change
Consulting and Organizational Development

In consulting and coaching are all about people in organizations, culture, structures and processes. Are you looking for optimization and opportunities? Let us integrate all relevant resources and create new breakthroughs with innovative, result-oriented thinking.


... for development and good cooperation
Training and Development

Even in training everyone hat the opportunity to push his own development process. With the holistic view of the human being, I am there for you. As a competent sparring partner, we look together at the relationships so that we can influence our lives, our work and the culture ourselves.

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