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Panel discussion

„elearning for sales and partners“ was the title of the panel discussion at CeBIT in Hanover. It took place in the Learning & Knowledge Solutions forum and this time my part was moderating the panel.

The following discussion partners were on stage:

  • Andreas Eißner – Association of eLearning Business Northern Germany (vebn)
  • Thomas Kowoll – Wüstenrot
  • Tim Schlotfeldt – elearning consultant
  • Maria Suess – Immobilien Scout GmbH
  • Michael Töpler – Bassier, Bergmann & Kindler
  • Manfred Uhl – bit media Germany
  • Ursula Hesselmann – Consulting & Training (Moderator)

Challenges of eLearning

We started by greeting and introducing the participants and then went straight to the question of the challenges.

We were able to show many different aspects:

  • From the customer’s point of view:
    • There are tons of providers
    • Most customers have large, sometimes unknown, or heterogeneous target groups
    • eLearning still requires a lot of effort and often high costs
    • Unfortunately, too often we still have technology that does not match our needs or the technology that is lacking
    • There are always new products, so a permanent update of the content is necessary
    • Finally, some providers are sometimes too slow or their performance is not right
  • From the perspective of the service provider / consultant:
    • When introducing eLearning, the time factor is often underestimated and the schedule is too tight
    • The consultants also found that customers‘ expectations are often too high
    • With these high expectations, the consultants also perceive the target groups as difficult
    • Trade organizations are often widely dispersed
    • The acceptance and the motivation are mostly not present in the management level. Because, unfortunately, they are not behind the topic or the eLearning project

Concepts and solutions in eLearning for sales

Thanks to the diverse group of people, we then discussed ideas and wishes and how to create a good future together. What is needed in the process, in technology, in support, and the like.

At the end, we discussed concrete solutions from the point of view of the customers present and from the point of view of the service providers present.

Thank you very much again for the good and open discussion and the clear statements about what can / should be changed and improved.

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