Edutainment on board

aboard the "Mein Schiff"

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Target group

Guests aboard

Itineraries for edutainment

Route 1: Kiel -> Norway -> Denmark -> Kiel

Route 2: Kiel -> Sweden -> Russia -> Denmark -> Kiel

Edutainment bis Norwegen
Edutainment bis Finnland und Russland

Journeys of discovery into one’s own self - in the manner of edutainment

The vacationists had the opportunity on this trip to take advantage of courses that help them to deal with and develop themselves. It was also about successfully developing and realizing ideas.
We worked on the following topics:

The phenomenon of perception

What our brain and other influences „lead us to believe“. The aim here was to recognize what exactly I perceive of the environment. What is being filtered and why we are filtering. Accordingly, we made an entertaining change of perspective in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. In other words, real edutainment!

Strengthening your gut feeling

Simple and good means of supporting decision-making. How do I get from gut instinct to valuable decision-making criteria and how do criteria become relevant for me personally? We processed this with the help of a simple and pragmatic benefit analysis. An amazing method, simply quick and efficient. The participants were enthusiastic and delighted because the result was the confirmation of their gut feeling. Next, it was a matter of learning to trust this feeling!

The right listening

This was mainly linked to the question: How do I train good communication? We work, live, and talk to one another in everyday life. We asked ourselves how do senders and receivers handle messages and information. And what are the effects of this information and communication. Furthermore, the result of this training was that the recipient decides what he hears and wants to hear!

„What I always wanted to tell you“

… but I’ve never dared! Sometimes we get stuck in our minds, and we ask ourselves: How do I be clear about the message I want to send? What was relevant here was hearing what the inner voice says about current and future situations. In addition, the research, what is my part in it? What is the proportion of my opposite? Especially in the case of conflicts, it must be allowed to ask: How do I correctly formulate challenging topics and feelings? So, we also looked at the solution: Which methods will help me to become more professional? And we clarified why it is that we don’t dare!

Breaking the vicious circle of feelings

Discussions often fail because of feelings, we let ourselves be carried away by them and have no idea how we can get a handle on them. Or we are surprised, or we have a lump in one’s throat. We can’t find an answer, or only hours later. How is it possible to resolve this blockage? How do I deal with feelings? Which methods will help me to become more professional? A deep path into personality during a relaxed walk on board.

The question of the future „Where do you want to go?“

Do you have the feeling that life is stagnating somehow? Are there no suitable perspectives? No land in sight? Do you have wishes and dreams but no way to get there? Here the ship vacationers learned to translate their goals into action. In this way they were able to build up new courage for the future. These were then individual coaching or coaching consultations.

All these topics, also as edutainment, can be wonderfully incorporated into your trainings or as online sequences in the blended concept.

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