customer from Ursula Hesselmann - Geiger Facility management

Diversity in teams

Geiger FM Academy & Recruiting GmbH


Target group

Area and team leaders
of KDS
(Clinic Services South GmbH)

Diversity in teams organized as team event

Kunde von Ursula Hesselmann - Geiger Facility Management - the dicison of clinical service south

The title of the lecture / mini workshop was:

„With tolerance and courage, set limits and thus strengthen diversity!“

So, I started with the participants in a variety of colors to help them understand and accept team diversity.

The world of colors as diversity

Diversity is found in alertness of mind, optimism, creativity, harmony, idealism, intuition, and trust.

These are all great prerequisites for practicing tolerance. Because with tolerance life becomes worth living. We create freedom and security with courage and trust. Then we can also set limits to stop the flow of injustice!

Thank you for a great afternoon in the ooutdoors!🙂

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