First digital health conference

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Target group

Head of Personnel ifm group
HR Department
OHM agents 

First digital conference Bodensee (Lake of Constance)

In September, the first digital health conference took place with the HR managers of the locations and the OHM agents.

Developed together with two OHM representatives and carried out in TEAMS. Moderated and supervised by Ursula Hesselmann.

Health conference as an interaction

Focus was on exchange in the network and communication of the current status quo. It was reflected what had already been achieved and suggested new potential measures.
As the initiator of this conference, it was important to the Managing Director for Personnel to create awareness of the importance of the subject of health at ifm.

It was an exciting 3-hour conference with a preliminary questionnaire and a quiz via Microsoft Forms.

The preliminary survey was about highlighting and clarifying top issues. At the end of the conference, we completed these issues with more content.

The quizzes were about designing an initial question of knowledge about OHM. To solve the quizzes, there was then an explanation of the terms on occupational health management (OHM).
The individual locations then presented the measures that had already been implemented and their effectiveness.

Occupational safety officers, the company doctor and the works council were also involved. It’s great that we were able to win them over to moderate a breakout session on a topic that is relevant to them. The developed content was then also presented.

With the outlook and the conclusion of the first digital health conference, we rounded off this morning to everyone’s satisfaction.

Thank you for the intensive participation! 🙂

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