Didaktisch gute Lernkonzepte

Didactically good learning concepts

Lecture in Billerbeck
Viwis eLearning Forum


Target group

Managing directors
Project Manager
Personnel development

Promote motivation​!

Lecture at the Viwis eLearning Forum on November 12, 2009, in Billerbeck.

This lecuture provide examples of how good learning concepts can be implemented.


  • What is learning? It was about the questions of the learners and the procedures necessary to generate willingness and ability.
  • How do we learn and what do we need? This was about dealing with curiosity, motivation, fun and activity. But it was also about data and information collection and what we do with it.

Experience has shown that promoting and facilitating learning gives real meaning to learning in the end. We change the way we act when the scope changes and we integrate self-regulating combinations. Only then are didactically good learning concepts successful.

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