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Customer news 2022: All customers from 2022 in alphabetical order

carthago Reisemobilbau GmbH

Thank you for welcoming you to my customer base again!

carthago RV construction GmbH

Employee and Management training

Blended Learning Program for young talents

  • Group 3 (01/2021 – 11/2022)
  • Group 4 (06/2022 – 07/2023)
official partner of Conceptboard

I’m happy welcoming you as my new customer and partner!


Customers of the company

Development of the structure as a basis for the new masterclasses for trainers and partners

Ursula Hesselmann's customers and references here: DIEHL Controls

I’m happy welcoming you as my new customer!

Diehl AKO Foundation Co. KG


Employees from utility management

Nice to welcome you as my new client!

Client does not wish to be named

Employee and Leadership training

Virtual Collaboration (09/2022 – 07/2023)

  • Online Presenting (4 modules)
  • Online Facilitating (2 modules)
  • Use and handling of TEAMS (5 modules)
  • Other steps: transfer assignments, use of conceptboard, whiteboard, MS TEAMS, MS FORMS, …
ifm is a customer of Ursula Hesselmann

Welcome back in my customer base!

ifm electronic gmbh

Employee and Leadership training

Training „Conflicts in the Team“ 2x online with the Conceptboard and MS Teams and 1x classroom training

Kaufbeurer Mikrosysteme Wiedemann GmbH ist Kunde von Ursula Hesselmann

I’m happy welcoming you as my new customer!

Kaufbeurer Microsystems Wiedemann GmbH

Leadership Coaching

Individual Coaching managing director

NOLD Hydraulik + Pneumatik GmbH

Welcome back in my customer base!

NOLD Hydraulic and Pneumatic gmbh

Teamdevelopment and Change

  • Compressed Air Division:
    • Workshop 1: Strategic realignment of the department incl. AKV and role assignment.
    • Workshop 2: Involvement of the entire team incl. team development with concept board and exit game
  • Individual / executive coaching
Private persons

Private citizen

Personality development

Individual coaching to strengthen self-confidence and self-worth

Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

For the great programs and assignments – thank you very much!
Nice to be able to continue to welcome you to my customer base!

truma equipment technology GmbH & Co. KG

Management and leadership training

  • Team leader program as a blended learning concept 4 groups
    • Group A (July / 2020 – July / 2022)
    • Group B (September / 2020 – February /  2022)
    • Group C (February / 2021 – July / 2022)
    • Group D (March / 2022 – March / 2023)
  • Individual coaching for a formar manager
  • „Accompaniment in Change“ for the Sales and Services division: Lessons Learned and Measures Based on the Current Employee Survey (Conceptboard and Presence)
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