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Customer news 2017: All customers from 2017 in alphabetical order

Allweier Präzisionsteile GmbH

Allweier Präzisionsteile GmbH

Individual coaching / Leadership coaching

Goal orientation and examing your own standing

Balzer GmbH

Balzer GmbH

Company culture

  • Analysis and evaluation of culture, structure, and value profiles of all employees in the company
  • Individual coaching – with potential managers in coaching motorhome
carthago Reisemobilbau GmbH

carthago RV contruction GmbH

Young talent program group 1

  • Process concept
  • Junior staff program group 1 from 2017 to 2019 as a blended-learning concept with online training programs (position assessment, kick-off event, modules: communication, presentations, 4x process workshops, time management, …)


Leadership training

Confidently conduct criticism talks and conflict discussions

IHK Akademie Schwaben

IHK Academy Schwaben

Commercial specialists

Lecture Human Resource Management

ifm electronic gmbh

Leadership training

  • Leadership training – K8 Compass // conflict competence: „Listen properly“
  • Lecture: conflict competence: „The phenomenon of perception“
Kling Automaten GmbH

Kling Automaten GmbH

Training for employees and leadership coaching

  • Team workshop (Technician, cashier, workshop)
  • Individual coaching / Leadership coaching in the coaching motorhome
Kösel GmbH & Co. KG

Kösel GmbH & Co. KG

Managing directors and management team

  • Strategy workshop about service understanding and quality
  • Follow-up strategy workshop on culture and relationships

Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH

Supervision of production managers

  • Executive coaching in coaching motorhome
  • Team workshop 1: group or team; Achieve goals together
  • One-on-one and feedback discussions / individual coaching in the coaching motorhome
  • Team workshop 2: structures and cooperation
Michelin Reifenwerke KGaA

Michelin Reifenwerke KGaA


Opportunities in change and process optimization

Private persons

Private person

Individual coaching

Orientation and future targeting, conducted in coaching motorhome

Renk AG

RAFI GmbH & Co. KG

Employee and leaderhsip training IT

Cross-plant IT workshop 1: Analyze the need for change and identify it integrally

Kundennews 2017 - Spiral Dynamics Schupperworkshop

Actual and new customers

Spiral Dynamics taster workshop

  • 1st taster course in March
  • 2nd taster course in July
  • 3rd taster course in November
Schuster KG

Schuster GmbH & Co. KG

Leadership coaching

Coaching and orientation in managing separation talks, conducted in the coaching motorhome

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