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I am pleased to welcome ifm electronic gmbh to my customer base again.

In an ever-faster time and, above all, with increasing pressure, conflict competence is essential.

Conflicts are opportunities for new things, and it is therefore important to pay attention to the topic of perception!

Let yourself be surprised what the perception glasses do for us. Together with me, you will find the right tools for open communication. Because this is how you can prevent conflicts. Unfortunately, often it is only a little thing that make life difficult for us.

This lecture or workshop took place at ifm and was also initiated and organized by ifm. Many employees and executives came to get new ideas from the K8 Compass about conflict competence.

First, I irritated the participants with a completely new way of starting a workshop and thus challenged their perception. It was an exciting start, which in this case could only take place with the active cooperation of the HRD person at ifm.

With this entry the ice was already broken, and we started practicing perception. We analyzed individual examples and together we tested whether we were talking about perception, assumptions, or even evaluations. I had short stories, a comic, and two films with me, which demanded maximum concentration from the participants.

Finally, there were a few unexpected examples of things that shape us and that we perceive subjectively and thus create a great basis for generating conflicts.

I would like to thank everyone for their active cooperation and the great fun we had together!

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