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Completion of groups A and C

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Final workshops

The final workshop serves to review the entire program once again.

The participants have the task to go through all modules / photo protocols again and to work out in individual small groups. On the one hand, this elaboration naturally serves to secure the transfer and to deepen the topics. And on the other hand, it also serves to determine the connection and the dependency of the topics among each other.

At the end, group A was purely online, i.e., presentations via TEAMS with PowerPoint and beamer.

Group C was purely present, i.e., with pin boards, cards, pictures, and flip charts.

In the morning, the respective direct managers accompanied us. And thus they got a wonderful view of what really anchored in the mind of their team leader.

In the afternoon, we were all together again and the group had a rounded conclusion. We checked again the self-image and the image of others. So, there were still a few new insights, which can be sorted well-considered and mature. At the end, there was a loving closing sentence for each of us. This than was the completion of the groups A and C.

We can celebrate success 👍 – and we must!. 

Here you can see as a collage, the online part, and the integration of the pinboard into the picture, from the conclusion of groups A and C.

Both techniques (online and presence) have their charm, and both should be used. Alone, as well as in combination, the different tools convince in their own way.

Completion of groups A and C
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