coaching to increase success

Coaching to increase success

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TITLE: Coaching to increase success

What do many successful entrepreneurs, top athletes, and hedonists, but also people who want to optimize their lives and exploit their potential, I have in common?
You have a personal coach! A coach who supports you in recognizing mistakes in your own behavior and pitfalls in life, changing them and helping you constantly develop your own personality. A coach like Ursula Hesselmann, who goes with her clients in very unusual, „mobile“ and relaxed ways …

Work or vacation?

From the outside it looks rather inconspicuous, like an ordinary transporter.

Unique on the trainer and coach market – the mobile coaching office. AC conversations are also possible in my mobile office – not just individual coaching.

In addition, when you enter Ursula Hesselmann’s mobile coaching office, you immediately feel at home. The atmosphere – more pleasant and welcoming than many a meeting room. Equipped with all the technical tools that are necessary for promising and profitable individual coaching. So, it is much more open and inviting than the usual meeting space.

She drives out into nature with her clients. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, perhaps on a leisurely stroll through the „woods and fields“, where people can let go, switch off, and become open to new things. That is exactly what makes the secret of their success. People have trust in Ursula Hesselmann, talk to her about things that they would hardly tell anyone else and can rely one hundred percent on Ursula Hesselmann’s loyalty and discretion. Nothing that you entrust to her penetrates the outside world.

„The mobile coaching was a real experience for me: The spatial and color design of the mobile office enables pleasant, concentrated work. Thanks to the free choice of location, what I had learned could be practiced and deepened during a walk in the surrounding nature.
Get to know training courses, but the mobile individual coaching remains my personal highlight and is absolutely recommended“
Anita Wefing, Kling Automaten GmbH

entspannter Platz für gute Gespräche - relaxed place for good conversation

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Allgaeu business magazine; Edition 05/2016

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